No tax giveaway for Comcast

The Oregon Department of Revenue has denied Comcast a big payday at taxpayer expense, following a public outcry and petitions from thousands of Oregonians across the state opposing a tax giveaway for the internet giant.

Comcast tried—and ultimately failed—to take advantage of a tax incentive meant to expand affordable high-speed fiber internet service by providing an expensive service that few Oregonians will actually use. Comcast’s high-speed fiber service is not only exorbitantly expensive—thousands of dollars a year with a $1,000 activation fee and a two-year commitment—it’s also only available in a few large metro and suburban areas. [1] Yet the tax break would have applied to Comcast’s entire statewide presence.

Comcast’s scheme was rejected by the state earlier this year, and now the company’s appeal has also been denied.

OSPIRG worked with a coalition of consumer and taxpayer advocates to oppose this tax giveaway. We applaud the Department of Revenue’s decision, which will protect Oregon taxpayers from footing the bill for tens of millions of lost tax dollars.

[1] Information about Gigabit Pro cost and availability can be found here.

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