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State House of Representatives Passes Bill Banning Remote Sales of Vaping Products

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SALEM - This Tuesday, on a vote of 41-18, the Oregon House of Representatives passed HB 4078, banning online and other remote sales of e-cigarettes and e-liquids.

The bill adds “Inhalant Delivery Systems” to Oregon’s existing ban on remote sales of conventional combustible and smokeless tobacco products.  The new category of inhalant delivery systems encompasses all vaporizer systems, vape pods, and e-liquids created to deliver nicotine through the lungs.  Full passage of the bill would make Oregon the fifth state to ban remote sales of vaping devices.

The new restrictions will be enforced under the existing authority of the Department of Justice’s Tobacco Enforcement Division.  Retailers who do not comply with the ban are subject to a fine of up to $5,000 per violation, plus attorneys fees and costs.

The restrictions do not apply to vaping devices under the Oregon medical marijuana program or the Oregon recreational marijuana program.

OSPIRG Health Care Advocate Numi Lee Griffith issued the following statement: “This bill is an important step to end the nicotine trap by cutting off online sales to Oregon, making it more difficult for underage users to purchase vaping devices.  We hope the Senate will also act quickly to make this bill law.”

The Bill now advances to the Senate Chamber for consideration.

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