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Coalition calls for immediate action to protect Oregon’s most financially vulnerable amid pandemic

For Immediate Release

The Stop the Debt Trap Alliance, a coalition of organizations representing diverse constituents across Oregon delivered a letter to Gov. Kate Brown and Oregon legislative leadership urging them to take action to protect Oregonians from the economic impacts of COVID-19, especially those who are already economically vulnerable, particularly Black, Indigenous and People of Color. The letter comes as Gov. Brown has called a special session for June 24th to address police accountability and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The coalition is specifically calling on state leaders to address three categories of protections for Oregonians: 

  • Keep Oregonians in their homes. 
  • Cease debt collection and fines and fees to ensure Oregonians can pay for necessities. 
  • Secure long term protections for Oregonians with student debt. 

“If history serves as a guide, the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will have disproportionate impacts on those who are already economically vulnerable, particularly Black, Indigenous and People of Color,” the letter reads, “In order to avert catastrophe, we must ensure that the income, home, and health of every person are protected and preserved. Establishing strong consumer protections support our most vulnerable community members - failing to act will lead to devastation to household finances and the state economy

The full letter is available here.



The Stop the Debt Trap Alliance is a coalition of organizations representing diverse  constituents across Oregon to promote laws and business practices that equitably serve the interests of all consumers, particularly communities of color and those with the lowest

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