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Crystal Price

EUGENE, Ore. - Holiday shopping is just around the corner and parents should know which toys are safe for their children.

The Oregon State Public Interest Research Group (OSPIRG) conducted their annual toy safety survey and discovered that many toys on the market still pose safety hazards to children.

The survey includes actual examples of toys in stores that pose potential safety hazards, including lead violations, toxic chemicals, choking hazards and toys that are too loud. 

OSPIRG experts said that if small toys fall through a used toilet paper roll, then it is not suitable for children under three.

"Funny glasses" contained 42,000 mg/kg of phthalates. This dangerous amount exceeds the 1,000 mg/kg standard.

Noisy toys like the Elmo cell phone can be heard at 74 decibels when placed an inch from the ear. This amount is greater than the 65 decibel requirement and could hurt a child's ears.

"With kids you never know what they can do until they do it," O'Leary said. "So it's up to the parents to be educated and make sure our kids are safe and so they can become healthy adults themselves."

Experts advise parents to pay close attention to age warning labels when purchasing toys. Wood toys are a safer choose instead of plastic toys.

For more information on particular toys that have been recalled, go to

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