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BEND, Ore. -- As the Black Friday shopping rush nears, officially starting the holiday gift-giving season, there's a new list of toys out that some say should be blacklisted.

"Over the last 26 years, this report has lead to at least 150 recalls," said OSPIRG associate Matthew Orchant said Tuesday in Bend

OSPIRG, a division of the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, is out with “Trouble in Toyland,” their list of dangerous toys.

For example: The Little Hands Love book, they say, has too much lead.

And one Central Oregon lawmaker knows all too well the frightening situation that can result.

"Our daughter's test came back positive initially, and suddenly we were informed by the state the hazards of lead poisoning," said state Rep. Jason Conger, R-Bend.

About 10 years ago, he got that result for his daughter Madison. Lead poisoning can lead to developmental delays and other health issues in kids.

“I was terrified,” said Conger.

It's not just lead OSPIRG is warning against. Elmo's cellphone toy is too loud, they say, for little kids.

For choking hazards, a simple test is still the best.

"If a toy is small enough to fit through this toilet paper roll, it is too small for a child under the age of 3," said Orchant.

But it's lead content that often terrifies parents.

"Once you reach that point of lead poisoning, there's really not much that can be done medically to reverse it," said Conger.

For three excruciating days, Conger and his wife waited for the results of a second test.

"It turned out, thankfully in her case, that Madison didn't have lead poisoning in her blood," said Conger.

To read more details or download the full report, visit this page on OSPIRG's Website .


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