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EUGENE, Ore. -- Usually turning 15 or 16 means finally taking the car out for a spin, but in today's day and world we are learning the youth are finding other ways to go about their daily routine.

Whatever reason that may be, teens are finding different ways to get to where they need to go.

"A lot of people tend to take the bus public transit. I don't know why actually I have a couple of friends that drive out of all my friends it's kind of odd," said teen driver Billy Anderson.

"I think gas is a big thing and just you know insurance and getting a car, and I think people who can't afford it are taking the bus and walking," said teen driver Jacob Dawes.

Oregon's roads have actually increased in traffic over the last several years, but as far as drivers 15 to 18, that number has decreased.

The OSPIRG Foundation and Frontier Group say the key factors keeping kids off the roads include gas prices, insurance costs and finding different methods of transit such as biking or public transportation.

Add into that equation things like Facebook, Twitter and texting -- friends are using social media to keep in touch instead of driving to see friends.

The same is even true for college students.

"I'll be riding my bike rain snow sleet or hail, but yea I'd say one of the biggest reasons is affordability," said University of Oregon junior Alex Noordhoek.

The study says with gas prices unlikely to drop drastically anytime soon, the younger generation could be making longer term lifestyle choices to adapt.

A few more UO students told KEZI they would rather walk or bike from place to place than spend money on a car.

Study Says Teens are Waiting to Get Their Driver's License | KEZI

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