Consumer and Taxpayer Advocate

OSPIRG is seeking a Consumer and Taxpayer Advocate for our Portland office. This position plays several key roles in the organization and the community, including:

  • Issue expert. Analyze and understand the how certain marketplace practices can have a negative effect on consumers and the economy and how policy reforms can alter the marketplace to benefit the public interest. Similarly, understand both the state and federal budget and tax codes, be familiar with areas of waste and special interest abuse, and with policy solutions that ensure our tax dollars are spent in the best interests of the public.
  • Researcher. Investigate and uncover deception and unfair practices in the marketplace, and wasteful spending in the budget and tax code. Create a working list of investigative report concepts and publish a steady stream of reports to the media, decision makers and the general public.
  • Political strategist. Identify areas of focus that have the greatest capacity to draw broad public across the political spectrum, and develop a range of strategies and tactics to build a public following for our work, and to advance our policy ideas through corporate, state and federal decision-making channels.
  • Communications guru. Publicize our findings and efforts through earned media, the internet, and other channels. Be a regular presence on TV, radio and print outlets across the state as a consumer and taxpayer expert; create a following for our work through the internet.
  • Advocate. Testify before legislative committees and government agencies; advocate on behalf of the public to state and federal lawmakers, regulators, and private sector players.
  • Coalition builder. Have strong relationships and lead joint efforts with a wide range of organizations, businesses, and community leaders from across the political spectrum.
  • Policy Analyst:  Analyze the impact of proposed rules and legislation. Draft bill language and amendments.
  • Grassroots Organizer:  Work with our statewide network of organizers and activists to educate the public and generate grassroots pressure for policy solutions.
  • Organization Builder:  Raise money for the organization and key projects from foundations and individuals, and recruit and train staff.

As part of a network of hundreds of advocates, organizers, attorneys and non-profit professionals across the country, OSPIRG advocates share resources and expertise with a large network of organizations, helping to build a stronger public interest movement nationwide.

Qualifications:  We're looking for a results-oriented individual with a strong commitment to the public interest, and the analytical, verbal and written skills necessary to be an effective advocate. Candidates should have 3 to 8 years of relevant professional experience; advanced degrees may count toward a candidate's professional experience.

Salary & Benefits:  Salary is commensurate with candidates’ relevant professional experience. We offer a competitive benefits package.

To apply:  Please send a resume and cover letter to

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