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OSPIRG Foundation is working to make sure consumers get to see health care prices up front.


Recent studies show that one third of every dollar we spend on health care is wasted on something that doesn’t improve our health.[1] One reason why is that hospitals get to keep their prices—and the extra charges and fees often tacked on—hidden from patients. Take a look at some of these examples:


We can bring down the cost of care in Oregon by making sure consumers get to see health care prices up front, such as by requiring health care providers to post their prices online or to give patients the price of a recommended procedure in real time. 
There has been a robust public discussion of this issue in the national news media, as well as a spirited debate in the Oregon Legislature this year about one specific policy framework crafted by OSPIRG Foundation in 2014. The policy requires Hospitals and other providers to publicly post their prices online for the most common services and procedures, and if a consumer is looking for an estimate for a specific procedure, he should be able to get that in a reasonable amount of time from either his provider or insurance company. Public support for such solutions is high, but the health care industry has successfully resisted most meaningful efforts at change. We believe that momentum is on our side and that a breakthrough in the next few years is achievable.
OSPIRG Foundation is committed to reaching that tipping point through the following activities:
• Expand our multi-ideological coalition of support for meaningful price transparency to include Oregon business leaders, software developers and medical professionals.
• Continue to promote our policy framework through speaking engagements and presentations to regulators and other health care thought leaders in Oregon and nationally. Develop at least one variant of our basic policy aimed at expanding public access to health insurance price calculators, currently only available to a small number of people.
• Continue to educate the public, state policymakers and reporters about the merits of transparent health care prices.

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Rates increases exceeded four times the rate of inflation last year for more than 400,000 Oregonians with individual, small group and portable insurance plans, according to a report released this week by the OSPIRG Foundation, an affiliate of the Oregon State Public Interest Research Group.

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In 2008, over 400,000 Oregonians received an average rate increase over 4 times the rate of inflation, with 133,000 Oregonians hit with premium increases over 21%.

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OSPIRG Foundation has prepared this guide to help you understand how you can get health coverage if you’re at risk of losing employer sponsored insurance, what special protections have been created for insured consumers in Oregon, what insurance coverage can help you with during the outbreak, and what benefits are available to all Oregonians under emergency measures.

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People living in the United States have access to some of the best medical care in the world, from life-saving drugs to cutting-edge surgical techniques. But our system is deeply flawed, with spiraling costs forcing many Americans to spend more on care and often receiving poor quality care for all the extra money spent.

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Oregon's Drug Price Transparency Program has released its first annual report.  The progam found that Oregonians, on average, pay five times the highest international price for prescriptions.  

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