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Last updated: 10/2/2013

Looking for health coverage? Cover Oregon could save you time and money. Use our tips to make the most of this important new tool.

 1. Check out new options at Cover Oregon. The plans include coverage for doctor visits, hospitalizations, preventive care, maternity care, emergency room care, prescriptions and more.


Toll-free: 1-855-268-3767   

2. Find out about financial help that’s available. At Cover Oregon, you can find out if you qualify for financial assistance to lower your costs.

3. Use Cover Oregon to compare plans side-by-side. The new marketplace lists your options on one website, and shows what each plan covers.

 4. Take advantage of expert help to compare plans in-person, online or by phone. Specially trained people are available in communities across the country to help you apply and understand your options. Find them at

5. Don’t take no for an answer. For coverage starting January 2014, insurance companies can no longer deny you due to a pre-existing condition.

6. Keep in touch. Check for updates on our website, and tell us about your experience. We want to hear what you think so we can spot trends and advocate for ongoing improvements. Contact us

 Health Care Consumer Protections

 If you have coverage, you already have protections under the health care law, such as:

 Children and young adults can stay on their parents’ plan until age 26

 Free preventive care, including check-ups and vaccinations

 Insurance companies can’t set a lifetime cap on what they’ll pay if you get sick

 Rebates if your insurance company spends less than 80% of premiums on care

 Plus, more consumer protections start in 2014, including:

 Insurers can’t deny anyone coverage for having a “pre-existing condition”

 No more annual caps on what your insurer will pay if you get sick

 Insurance companies can’t charge women more than men for coverage

See more information about the health care law, the Affordable Care Act


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